Strážovská 50 is a mountain ultramarathon and long distance march, which takes place on 7th of May 2022. The event (race) is organized by o.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL. The course with start and finish in Trenčianske Teplice spa town is following the tourist paths in the beautiful Strážovské vrchy mountains.


O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL (civil association)
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IČO: 42364582



The Strážovská 50 race event is open for all participants with minimal age of 18 years. The limit for number of participants is set to 200, of which 20 places are reserved for the category 50 km with a dog (after reaching this number of registrations the registration will be switched to the waiting list).

The conditions of participation are minimal age of 18 years, registration to the event via the online enrollment form, start fee payment and completion of the check-in (presence) in Trenčianske Teplice before the start with bringing filled-in and signed "Informed consent (Participant's declaration)" document

Participants take part in the Strážovská 50 race event voluntarily and at their own risk. The organizers take no responsibility for the possible harm or damage should any happen to the participants or should be any caused by them.


Before the start we require all participants to fill-in and sign the "Informed consent (Participant's declaration)" document.


We strongly recommend to the participants to complete an individual medical examination before the Strážovská 50 race event, particularly in the case that I overcome infectious disease (angina, flu etc.) for the period of last six to eight weeks before the start of the Strážovská 50 race event.


  • Men (this category is included in the Slovak Ultratrail League)

  • Women (this category is included in the Slovak Ultratrail League)

  • 50 km with a dog (please note that this category is not included in the Slovak Ultratrail League)

  • 50 km with a dog - women (please note that this category is not included in the Slovak Ultratrail League)


Please read the Strážovská 50 race regulations.


You can register for the Strážovská 50 race event from 3. February 2022 20.00 CET until 28. April 2022 20.00 CET or until the capacity will be reached. Registration at the start place in Trenčianske Teplice is not possible. 


Registration fee is 25 EUR for one participant. 

To register for the 2022 Strážovská 50 edition please use THIS REGISTRATION FORM.


The list of registered participants can be found HERE.

In the registration form please use your full name and surname (no nickname etc.), so we can send the correct results data to Slovak Ultratrail League, ITRA and UTMB World Series.

After the registration you will receive a mail with instruction for the registration fee payment, which needs to be completed max. 7 days after the mail was sent (registrations without payment will be deleted automatically including no option to register for the same edition of the race again).

It is not possible (not allowed) to sell a registration to another person. 

In case you would like to cancel your registration please send your e-mail to until 28. April 2022 20.00 CET latest - until this date the registration fee will be returned to the participant excluding 10 EUR cancellation fee.


Presence (check-in) takes place on 7. May 2022 at R-Club restaurant in Trenčianske Teplice (street Tomáša Garrigue Masaryka). Presence (check-in) will be open from 06.30 CET until 07.45 CET, please come to the presence (check-in) place at 07.30 CET latest.



  • Isothermic blanket

  • Mobile phone (turned on) with the SIM card which phone number was in the enrollment form

  • Bottle(s) or a hydration pack with resorvoir with capacity at least 1,5 L

  • Own cup, tumbler or flask with wide mouth 0,2 L minimum (flasks with narrow mouth or bottle lid are not accepted)

  • Identity card

  • Race bib placed visibly on the front body side during the whole race duration (race bib will be provided by Strážovská 50 organizers during the check-in before start)

As optional equipment we recommend a headlamp, GPS or at least a hiking map of Strážovské vrchy mountains, camera (at least in mobile phone), trekking poles, water/beverage.


The start place in Trenčianske Teplice is close to the restaurant R-Club (Tomáša Garrigue Masaryka street). Time of collective start of the race in is 08.00 CET on 7. May 2022.


  • Total distance: 50 km   

  • Total elevation gain: +2500 m 

  • ITRA points based on certification: 3 (profile)

  • Course map (online): Link

  • GPX file: Link


Trenčianske Teplice => Pod Čvirigovcom => Nad Opatovskou dolinou => Petrovanské lúky => Sedlo Trubárka => Petrova Lehota => Veľké lúky => Uhliská => Baske => Zrázový vrch => Sedlo Trtávka => Za Židovým => Sedlo Košariská => Homôlka => Srvátkova lúka => Sedlo Palúch => Vápeč => Sedlo Palúch => Horná Poruba, Za Hôrkou => Sedlo Omšenská Baba => Kamenné vráta => Kýšky => Trenčianske Teplice => Restaurant R-Club (Tomáša Garrigue Masaryka street)


The complete course follows the marked tourist paths. Information about the special (additional marking) will be provided to the registered participants in the newsletter and also before the start.


  • K1: Crossing of the green tourist mark and the main road approx. 1,5 km after the village Petrova Lehota (10. km).

  • K2: Homôlka, next to the Partizán buffet building (27. km)

  • K3: Horná Poruba village, red tourist mark (35. km)


Live checkpoints will be placed at the aid stations K1, K2 and K3). At this places your arrival time will be recorded with electronic timekeeping application.


There will be one self-control checkpoint - Vápeč summit (955 a.s.l., 32. km of the course), where you have to make a selfie photo (due to this we strongly recommend a camera or a mobile phone with a camera in your equipment).   


On top of this there can be also a secret live checkpoint (live = with a volunteer). We don't accept GPX (course track recorded) instead of missing checkpoints.



The finish place is located in Trenčianske Teplice town in the roofed beer garden of the R-Club restaurant in Trenčianske Teplice (street Tomáša Garrigue Masaryka). The time limit for arrival to finish is until 20.00 CET on 7. May 2022 (12 hours for the course completion).


If you would like to leave your car close to the start place, a parking lot (not free of charge!) is close to the presence (check-in) place  close to the bus station in Trenčianske Teplice. The organizers are not responsible for the cars of the participants and for the parking places reservation.


Please send us all your questions and messages regarding your participation in the race only via e-mail.